Certification Exam: Junior Financial Modeller (Modex®Intro)

Strengthen your financial modelling skills

Certification Exam: Junior Financial Modeller (Modex® Intro)

The Modex®Intro is a certification exam in financial modelling at an introductory level accredited by EFFAS.

It is designed entirely by active investment professionals, with the main objective of creating a meaningful standard in the sector, and to give successful candidates a competitive advantage.

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Financial modelling is an essential skill for those working on investment projects or in advisory roles in areas such as private equity, M&A, real estate, project finance or venture capital.

It is increasingly common for the key players in this sector to require job applicants to have proficiency in financial modelling as part of their skill set. This is for the simple reason that a significant part of their day to-day role involves the design, construction, and handling of these financial models. As a result, firms often include a financial modelling exam as part of their selection process.

The Exam

The exam is online in English with an approximate duration of 2 hours (depending on the nature of the case provided). The candidate will be given enough financial information from which to build a model in Excel, together with a set of questions. The answers have to be obtained from the candidate model’s output.

The exam is scheduled every Friday at 15:00 hrs (CET).

The exam session is conducted remotely and requires a device running Windows (not available for Mac users). Candidates are requested to install Zoom for the remote proctoring and authorise the recording of the exam.

Exam contents

  1. Financial Statement Analysis
  2. Profit and Loss
  3. Balance sheet
  4. Cash flow
  5. Margin and ratio analysis
  6. Financial statements integration
  7. Company valuation methods
  8. Discounted Cash Flow
  9. Comparables
  10. Free cash flow


To get the certification as Junior Financial Modeller granted by EFFAS, the candidate must have a Modex® Intro minimum score of 50% of the total examination points correct, as demonstration  of having the technical knowledge, command of Excel (formulas, consistency, flexibility) and ability to structure, design and present the case clearly and in an orderly and logical manner.

Thus, any result of 50% or above will be granted “Apt”, or “Non Apt” if below 50%.

For recruitment purposes: Upon agreement of the certified candidates to be included on the database, Modex® Intro also offers investment advisory teams, head-hunters and human resource departments, an important benchmark on the modelling skills of a prospective candidate as part of a much broader database. More importantly, the Modex® Intro database also offers them a source of financial modelling skilled candidates, presenting important savings in time and resources.


The objective behind this certification is to both guarantee a minimum standard level of financial modelling for the investment teams, and to offer a competitive advantage to successful Modex®Intro candidates.


The Modex®Intro is building an industry standard that offers an assurance of quality which goes beyond simply attending a course.


The Modex®Intro does this by offering a number of different sector specific exams. These exams are similar to those which could be encountered in many selection processes.

Who is it for?

Students and professionals either interested, or already working in, the investment sector (e.g. private equity).


The Modex®Intro allows applicants to show actual evidence of their knowledge and skills in financial modelling, and to measure their results in comparison with the performance of their peers in the dataset.


The top performers obtain a tangible head start in a highly competitive industry, and the least successful candidates can quantify the areas where there is room for improvement


There is no mandatory training or prerequisites needed to take the Modex®Intro, although there is a specific Financial Modelling course to prepare accordingly.

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