Excel for Financial Modellers

Strengthen your financial modelling skills

Online Training: Excel for Financial Modellers

Learn how to use Excel to get started in the world of financial modelling gaining essential knowledge in formulation, sensitivity analysis and more.

In this course you will learn:

Tools; formulas; and methodology of the general use of Excel; and the particularities of the financial use that allows us and, finally, you to develop your own integrated financial models.

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Financial modelling is a professional skill increasingly demanded, especially in the sectors related to financial areas, consulting, and investment banking.

Consultants, multinationals, banks, and investment funds increasingly require from their candidates a profile with a solid base in financial modelling. Especially as an important part of the daily routine involves the design, construction, and management of financial models.

Programme structure & contents

The programme is structured in 9 chapters:

  1.  Introduction to the general use of Excel, use of the sheets, preparation of the cells and formats.
  2. Formulas and methods to work with extensive databases.
  3. Focused on learning the most common formulas in Excel, it will allow you to be at ease in the use of the tool.
  4. Focused on learning advanced Excel formulas.
  5. Basic financial formulas of Excel, different types of interest (simple and compound interest, equivalent interest and CAGR).
  6. Development of loan amortisation tables and related functions.
  7. Simulation of scenarios for projects through: creation of scenarios, sensitivity tables, search objectives and scenario manager.
  8. Use of Pivot Tables or dynamic tables calls.
  9. Learn the most common graphics in the financial sector.


Working with Excel: we will learn to prepare the work field (sheet, cells, formats and basic functions) as well as the use of graphs and dynamic tables.


Excel use as a financial tool: here we will focus on the financial functions that Excel offers us for calculation and analysis. In addition, we will learn to create scenarios and to use flags

Who is it for?

Students and junior professionals who want to focus their first professional steps on the financial sector (banks, funds, etc.), consultancy, business financial departments, audit sector, and all those sectors in which Excel is the basic tool for daily work.


The course is 100% online in English and with a duration of approximately 8 hours.


Flexible and practical: Any time and place,  at your pace, and unlimited access.


Each test includes the solution, and an estimated time of execution, so they will serve as practice for an interview, or as basic preparation for model certification.


Develop your investment projects and value your startup


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