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Start your career in financial modelling with a course to build financial statements and business projections.

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The realisation of financial models is a professional skill increasingly in demand, especially in the financial sectors. The main banks and investment funds, increasingly, demand a profile with a good base in the construction of financial models since an important part of the daily routine  involves the design, construction of models and management of Excel.

In fact, it is very common for candidates to be given a modelling technical test. That is why we created this module. In it you will find several examples of financial modelling tests, as they are presented in real situations. Each test includes the solution, and an estimated time of execution, so they will serve as practice for an interview, or as basic preparation for certification.

Programme structure & contents

The programme is structured in 19 chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. Types of Financial Models
  3. Financial Statements I
  4. Financial Statements II
  5. Cash Flow Method (Indirect)
  6. Cash Flow Method (Direct)
  7. Cash Flow Method (Ebitda)
  8. Free Cash Flow Calculation
  9. Horizontal Model Building
  10. Timeline
  11. Financial Statements Integration
  12. Revenues & Accounts Receivable
  13. Cogs & Inventory
  14. Operating Expenses & Start Up Costs
  15. Depreciation, Capex & Net Fixed Assets
  16. Taxes
  17. Capital Structure: Debt & Equity
  18. Unlevered FCF
  19. Our Model in Context


How to start and build a business plan.


Understand the importance of financial modelling in the decision making of a company.


Focus on the financial functions that Excel offers us for the calculation and analysis. In addition, we will learn to create scenarios and use flags.

Who is it for?

People recently graduated in ADE, economics, and engineering seeking to improve their CV and employability in the financial sector.


Students and young professionals focused on consulting, Big Four, Investment Banking, Private Equity, financial departments where Excel is a basic requirement in daily work.


Professionals who want to improve the skills to value an investment project or start a business (Startups).


The course is 100% online, in English with a duration of an approximately 8 hours.


An integrated model: the objective of this module is to be able to build your own financial model, developing the financial statements of a company and learn to calculate cash flows and even an approximation to the valuation.


Develop your investment projects and value your startup


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