EFFAS: Representing more than 18,000 Financial Analysts

EFFAS is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 1962. Its mission is to set the standard for investment professionals’ requirements, a think tank and centre for discussion and a European reference in Training and Qualification.

EFFAS is the umbrella organisation of 14 national societies of investment professionals in Europe, representing more than 18,000 Financial Analysts, and investment professionals from the financial sector including Asset Managers, Pensions Funds Managers, Corporate Finance Specialists, Risk Managers, and Treasurers.

About Us

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Our values

EFFAS promotes the development and dissemination of a European Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. EFFAS recognises and respects regional and local market characteristics.

EFFAS monitors the integrity of its members. Investors’ confidence in the integrity of professional advice is the most important precondition for a well-functioning European financial market.

Think tank

We are a centre for reflexion and a think tank encouraging research and independent opinion on Finance, the Economy, and on Financial and Stock Markets with the ultimate goal of setting necessary standards for the finance industry.

We are a working and Discussion Forum for qualified professionals and researchers in financial fields and also with the economic and financial authorities in order to facilitate the modernisation of and improve the knowledge of capital markets.

Standard setters

EFFAS promotes the development and dissemination of international professional standards in order to contribute towards a high level of quality in the professional practice of investment professionals.

We do this through the direct action of our Commissions or by participating in international institutions such as EFRAG, XBRL, AISB, IIRC and ECMI.

We have extensive experience in Non-Financial reporting and ESG issues

The EFFAS Commission on Financial Reporting (CFR) introduced non-financial reporting as far back as the end of the 90s.
The growing relevance given by our Federation to these non-financial issues, lead to the foundation in 2007 of the EFFAS Commission on Environmental, Social & Governance Issues (CESG) to facilitate the integration of non-traditional aspects of corporate performance in the area of ESG into investment processes.

EFFAS CESG published its Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on ESG in 2009, which provide a way of measuring the effectiveness of an organization and its progress towards achieving its goals.

The KPIs have been a reference for professionals since then. In 2014 the CESG develop the first Programme on ESG fundamentals that has been updated yearly to incorporate the markets developments in this area. This programme is the precursor of the EFFAS Certified ESG Analyst® (CESGA) Programme launched in 2019, that now contains not only the fundamentals but an extremely valuable knowledge base for financial practitioners.

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We are a benchmark for Training & Professional Qualification

Since 1991, EFFAS has created new professional certifications and been pushing for their recognition among regulators and third parties.

We also ensure professional development and continued training through seminars, conferences, and professional meetings. Our Certifications are recognised by the market and regulators.

The Certified European Financial Analyst Diploma is recognised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in UK and its counterparts in many European countries such as the CNMV in Spain, CMVM in Portugal, MFSA in Malta and the HCMC in Greece among others.

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    The programme has been developed by academics and professionals from the financial sector around the world, providing the knowledge and experience to create the most advanced ESG management certification.