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Global social and environmental challenges, regulatory and reputational risks, market scandals and new market opportunities make environmental, social and governance information (ESG) a data source of growing importance.

In this context, the integration of ESG information in the investment process chain and in valuation is essential. So far, only a few approaches and even fewer solutions exist that support investment professionals in the integration of ESG. Although considered increasingly relevant for investment decisions, it is estimated that still less than 15% of investment professionals receive some kind of structured ESG training.

This is confirmed by the World Economic Forum, which considers that inadequate education and valuation models of ESG are one of the most important barriers for integrating ESG variables into the mainstream of investment decisions.

The CESGA® programme aims to overcome this challenge by providing the necessary training for the efficient valuation, measurement and integration of ESG issues into investment analysis.

To whom is intended (Potential candidates)

The CESGA® programme is particularly aimed at financial analysts and portfolio managers who want to integrate ESG data in their capital allocation processes, but also, in general, all investment professionals increasingly committed to ESG issues. Other specialists such as corporate sustainability officers, investor relations, auditors and consultants will find this interesting to develop a better understanding of the needs of capital markets in terms of ESG information.


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The CESGA® Common Exam
will be hosted by the accredited EFFAS National Member Society.
Only candidates enrolled to the training programme are eligible to take the exam.


Limited spaces, only upon EFFAS Head Office confirmation. Please check venues and availabilities at registration.


Online course:

€ 1,250 (excl. VAT)


Certification exam:

€ 250* (excl. VAT)


The student has to purchase the training + certification together, and select one exam venue.




Fixed examination venues are:

Amsterdam*, Brussels, Budapest, Frankfurt, Hong Kong**, Lisbon, London*, Madrid, Milan, Oslo*, Paris, Stockholm, Vienna & Zurich.


Other cities: Examination venues may vary from session to session. Note that some venues might have an additional charge of 100 € (invigilation fee).

*Availability can be limited at these locations so please confirm in advance with office@effas.com

Registration & Exams calendar

Certification Exams

13th March 2020

12th June 2020

13th November 2020

Registration opens

12th October 2019

12th December 2019

12th May 2020

Registration deadline

12th February 2020

12th May 2020

12th October 2020

The CESGA title is in demand. Join the CESGA holder list upon passing the Exam and increase your visibility with other holders and prospective employers.

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