Digital Assets and MICA® (DiAM) 2.0

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Digital Assets and MICA® 2.0 (DiAM)

EFFAS Digital Assets and MiCA:

The aim of this programme is to provide you with a fundamental knowledge of assets based on blockchain technology and of the regulatory framework to enable holders to give clear investment information and advice in this area.


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The Digital Assets and MiCA® programme.

Start your journey in this filed as it gains importance in the financial industry..

The DiAM programme will help you to develop a better understanding of the crucial elements you need to understand the novelties in this field and outline the essential attributes of the projects and activities that are developed within a financial institution with respect to crypto assets.

Choose to advance in your professional career with us.

The DiAM® programme was designed to enable you to face what is probably the biggest revolution in the financial sector of this decade, cryptocurrencies and financial assets represented in blockchain.

In recent years there has been a real push to develop types of assets based on blockchain technology such as digital assets or crypto assets. In addition to the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether or Solana, the technology enables the development of various types of financial instruments and newly created assets such as stable-coins, central bank digital money (CBDC) or tokenized traditional assets.

After more than a decade of adoption by the investment world, the crypto phenomenon has not remained as a speculative niche within investments, but on the contrary, it has progressively gained volume and market share. It is no surprise that regulation has consistently reached these assets and this technology, albeit in an irregular way depending on the country.

Currently in Europe, the Directive for the Prevention of Money Laundering, AML5, is in force and intense work is being carried out on the draft of the MiCA Regulation (Markets in Crypto Assets), which will be the cornerstone of the regulation for these assets and the entire sector that we call decentralized finance or DeFi.

To a greater or lesser extent, traditional financial entities are beginning to offer or consider products and services related to this sector: intermediation in cryptocurrencies, tokenized vehicles, NFTs, derivatives on crypto assets, etc.

Who is the Digital Assets and MiCA® programme most suitable for?

This programme is aimed at all those professionals in the financial sector who want to acquire the knowledge necessary to understand digital assets, including crypto assets. It describes what the short- and medium-term prospects are for the evolution of their regulation.
This topic cuts across areas affecting:

  • Advisers
  • Salespeople
  • Managers from banking
  • Finance and insurance sectors
  • Preparers of Financial reports
  • Legal and technical specialists working in finance.

Although it is a programme with a clear professional orientation, its construction from basic principles moving on to more advanced elements make it of great interest to individual investors who want to expand their knowledge on this subject and understand how it fits into the world of finance.

To gain the DiAM® title from EFFAS, candidates must complete the full Digital Assets and MiCA® programme or an equivalent training Programme offered by an EFFAS accredited National Member Societies and demonstrate they have gained sufficient knowledge by passing the DiAM® Common Exam or an equivalent accredited NMS exam based on the Digital Assets and MiCA® Examination Syllabus.


The EFFAS Digital Assets and MiCA® (DiAM) Common Exam is hosted by EFFAS and its National Member Societies in English.
Except in the case of a medical reason justified by a written doctor’s certificate or letter the exam right you purchase to sit the DiAM Common Exam is ONLY valid for the exam date, exam venue or online format selected at purchase. NB: Any changes requested by a candidate to their chosen exam date will have an equivalent cost to the purchase of a new exam right  if the request is received after the relevant exam registration deadline.
The exam venues will be hosted upon availability by EFFAS National Members Societies (NMS) and Training Partners in local venues that may vary from session to session.
The exact time of day of the exam will be communicated three weeks before the exam date.


Online training course (4 months’ access to the online learning platform) & common exam:

€ 510 (excl. VAT)


Online training course (4 months’ access to the online learning platform):

€ 380 (excl. VAT)



The EFFAS Digital Assets and MiCA® (DiAM) programme is a fully online training course hosted by EFFAS and its accredited National Member Societies.


All training materials are in English and designed for candidates with a minimum English level of B2. Candidates without this level of English enrolling to the programme do so at their own risk.

Registration & Exams calendar


Registration: 24th February 2024

Reg.deadline: 24th May 2024

Exam: 24th June 2024


Registration: 23rd May 2024

Reg.deadline: 23rd August 2024

Exam: 23rd September 2024


Registration: 9th August 2024

Reg.deadline: 9th November 2024

Exam: 9th December 2024

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