Frequently asked questions about CESGA®
online programme

The programme is made up of 10 modules. The first five modules start off at a more basic level for people who have little experience in environment, social and governance (ESG), and the second five modules move on to more advanced areas of ESG.

The CESGA® programme’s aim is to provide the necessary training for the efficient valuation, measurement and integration of ESG issues into investment analysis.

The CESGA programme has developed and matured over time. The CESGA Programme was conceived by the EFFAS Commission on ESG in 2008 under the direction of Prof. Dr. Bassen in cooperation with a team of experts. First launched in 2014, the CESGA programme is continually updated to ensure it remains state of the art and relevant for today’s challenges.

The CESGA programme is consolidated in the market and increasingly recognised in Europe as it gains presence through our expanding number of title holders. Our corporate clients who trust our programme to train and certify their employees.

The CESGA programme is a comprehensive well-tuned programme combining the academic knowledge and professional skills required for the efficient valuation, measurement and integration of ESG issues into investment analysis.

Many leading banks and companies are integrating ESG into their business models and are either training their staff in the area of ESG or making knowledge in this area a requirement for future employees.

The CESGA programme will benefit your carrier enhancing your understanding of:

  • ESG impacts on risk and return from various
  • Systematisation of different ESG investmentapproaches and strategies.
  • The market drivers for further ESG integration.
  • Embedding ESG across the whole in the investment process chain.
  • Integration of ESG factors in valuation models.
  • Responsible Investing across different asset
  • ESG Reporting standards.

  1. Enrol on the CESGA® Programme
  2. Pass the CESGA® exam.

The CESGA® programme is particularly aimed at financial analysts and portfolio managers who want to integrate ESG data in their capital allocation processes, but also, in general, all investment professionals increasingly committed to ESG issues. Other specialists such as corporate sustainability officers, investor relations managers, auditors and consultants will find this course interesting to develop a better understanding of the needs of capital markets in terms of ESG information. Summing up it is ideal for asset owners, asset managers, corporate consultants, financial planners, and family offices who wish to embrace ESG integration holistically.

All the learning materials are provided online when you sign up to the course. You do not need to buy any additional materials.

All the materials can be downloaded in PDF format from the platform. If you need to print them you can, however, we would like you to consider the environmental impact before printing.

The CESGA ® online price is €1250 (+VAT if applicable) in the available territories in the EFFAS Academy, for 6 month’s access to the following tools/materials:

  • E-seminars for each module (recorded videos for e-learning)
  • Course Slides
  • Supplementary references and sources
  • Self-assessment Centre (Multiple-Choice Questions)

This varies between candidates and whether they have prior ESG experience. With no prior ESG knowledge we recommend at least 70 to 90  hours. This is made up of 10 hours watching the hour-long videos, one in each module, and then time studying the accompanying slides and the additional materials. Students can then attempt the self-assessment questions. From their self-assessment results students can decide whether they need to spend more time studying the materials.

In general, the objective is to make clear to participants the importance of ESG issues in investment processes. On completing the programme students will have the knowledge and an understanding of:

  • ESG impacts on risk and return from various angles.
  • Systematization of different ESG investment approaches and strategies.
  • The market drivers for further ESG integration.
  • Embedding ESG across the whole in the investment process chain.
  • Integration of ESG factors in valuation models.
  • Responsible Investing across asset classes.
  • Systematically assessing different ESG Reporting standards.

Sign up for the course here

Once you receive the login details you will have six month’s access to the learning platform and materials.

The programme is designed to be completely online.

The Programme has been  developed by the EFFAS ESG Commission in cooperation with experts from our partners at DVFA (Germany), SFAF (France), AIAF (Italy) and IEAF (Spain). More information is available on the Expert Team section from our programme brochure.

The EFFAS Commission on ESG issues -CESG- has been instrumental in communicating the needs of investment professionals in capital markets and the corporate area; in providing practical advice in the form of Key Performance Indicators (EFFAS KPIs for ESG) and interactive data formats; and helping to enhance the integration of extra-financials in classic investment methods. For more information click here.

EFFAS provides 3 exam sessions per year to be held in March, June and November.  You can check the next session here.

It is only possible to register for the CESGA Diploma exam when a student has signed up for the CESGA® programme.

The examination costs €250 (+VAT if applicable) and you can take the exam in several venues. Please check venues and availability at registration. Note that some venues may have an additional €100 invigilation fee.

It is a two-hour exam based on the complete CESGA® syllabus with the following two-part structure:

  • Multiple Choice Questions 60%. The questions are randomly set from all the different syllabus topics
  • Practical Case study 40%. The case study is a due diligence to assess a company and explain the different steps to be undertaken for integrating ESG information.

To pass the examination, students must demonstrate their knowledge by gaining more than 50% of the 100 examination points.

When you register for the CESGA® programme you also pay for and choose your exam session and venue. You have the right to postpone this exam session to a later date if required (subject to timings and availability). Students who do not pass the initial exam can pay for the right to sit exams in later sessions up to one year from the date of their registration to the programme. Students can purchase from EFFAS an additional six month’s access to the platform if required. If a student has not passed the exam within one year from their initial registration, they must register for the whole programme again to have the right to sit further exams.

If you have special requirements please contact office@effas.com who will be able to deal with your case on an individual basis.

Unfortunately, we cannot refund you the exam fees and you will need to register for another examination at your own expense.

EFFAS as awarding body does not accept requests by the candidates to review the examination paper nor does it provide detailed information on scores and/or percentage of correct answers / failures in the corresponding examination to the candidate. The qualification results granted by EFFAS will be SUITABLE or NOT SUITABLE and results are not open to appeal.

At present around 70% of the candidates who have taken the examination have passed.