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The aim of the programme is to provide financial advisors with the basic concepts and an understanding of the regulatory requirements to allow them to give transparent advice to retail investors in ESG.


Select the online training course OR the online training and common exam from the exam dates available.

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The ESG Essentials® programme

start your journey with EFFAS to understand ESG issues and integrate ESG data into your daily work. The programme will provide you with the fundamental concepts and requirements to give basic guidance to investors in ESG matters. The objective is to understand the global megatrends and to equip you with the knowledge to navigate an evolving regulatory landscape.
EFFAS has a long history of developing standards for extra-financial reporting as part of its Commission on Intellectual Capital (CIC) and Commission on ESG (CESG). Moreover, EFFAS has played a critical role as a conduit between investment professionals and corporates. EFFAS has provided practical advice in the establishment of ESG Key Performance Indicators and made the data
available in interactive formats. EFFAS will continue to drive the integration of extra-financial information in classic investment methods.
You have made an excellent choice to advance in your professional career with us.

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) factors are increasingly being incorporated into business risk assessment and in investment and financing decision-making processes.

According to Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 (SFDR), as of 10th March 2021 participants in financial markets and financial advisers must report on the integration of sustainability risks and the analysis of adverse incidences regarding sustainability in their processes as well as information on sustainability regarding financial products. For adequate advice and transparency in these matters, it is essential that participants in financial markets, advisors, and information providers have a basic knowledge of ESG.
With the EFFAS ESG Essentials® certification, professionals in the sector can demonstrate that they have obtained basic ESG knowledge to complement their professional knowledge.

Who is the ESG Essentials Programme most suitable for?

  • Banking and insurance managers / advisers
  • Investment / Client / Financial advisors
  • Financial planners and specialists in supporting functions in client advisory services
  • Financial information providers
  • Preparers of Financial reports
  • Lawyers
  • Auditors
  • Investor relations / corporate communication specialists
  • Corporate ESG practitioners
  • Consultants

To gain the title Certified ESG Essentials awarded by EFFAS, candidates must complete the full ESG Essentials® programme or an equivalent training Programme offered by EFFAS accredited National Member Societies and demonstrate they have gained sufficient knowledge by passing the ESG Essentials® Common Exam or an equivalent accredited NMS exam based on the ESG Essentials® Examination Syllabus.

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The EFFAS ESG Essentials® Common Exam is hosted by EFFAS and its National Member Societies in English.
Except in the case of a medical reason justified by a written doctor’s certificate or letter the exam right you purchase to sit the ESG Essentials® Common Exam is ONLY valid for the exam date, exam venue or online format selected at purchase.
The exam venues will be hosted upon availability by EFFAS National Members Societies (NMS) and Training Partners in local venues that may vary from session to session.
The exact time of day of the exam will be communicated three weeks before the exam date.


Online training course (4 months’ access to the online learning platform) & common exam:

€ 510 (excl. VAT)


Online training course (4 months’ access to the online learning platform):

€ 380 (excl. VAT)



The EFFAS ESG Essentials® programme is a fully online training course hosted by EFFAS and its accredited National Member Societies.


All training materials are in English and designed for candidates with a minimum English level of B2. Candidates without this level of English enrolling to the programme do so at their own risk.

Registration & Exams calendar


Registration: 26th February 2023

Reg.deadline: 26th May 2023

Exam: 26th June 2023


Registration: 25th May 2023

Reg.deadline: 25th August 2023

Exam: 25th September 2023


Registration: 26th August 2023

Reg.deadline: 11th November 2023

Exam: 11th December 2023

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